This challenge could not be completed without an amazing team supporting the runners, find out more about the brand sponsors of the Run the Peaks challenge below;


TrueSapien is the lifestyle movement for those who challenge themselves to be the best they can be by releasing their inherent traits as human beings. TrueSapiens reject mediocrity and refuse to be average, believing that a life lived in the comfort zone is a life only part lived.

Truesapien is more than just fitness apparel, by choosing to wear the brand athletes are expected to effect change, lead by example and to fearlessly, passionately and grittily inspire and encourage others to unleash their own TrueSapien.

Be TrueSapien and Challenge Life!

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Enertor have spent 18 years perfecting their insoles to help athletes stay injury and pain free.

Designed by leading podiatrists, Enertor insoles provide the most advanced protection against many impact-related injuries – they are independently proven to reduce foot pain and injuries for 91% of people.

Enertor products are used and trusted by elite athletes, the military and health professionals around the world. But they are not only here for the professionals, everyone can benefit from their expertise and technology, whether it’s for pain relief, injury protection or increased performance.

Rymora Sports

Rymora supply a range of high quality sports wear at prices that don’t break the bank.

The Compression Socks, Calf Compression Sleeves and Knee Compression Sleeves are a favorite with runners looking to improve their performance and reduce recovery time. Unique features including cushioned footbeds, seamless toe seams, make them perfect for any sport and recovery.

Use Rymora to take your performance to the next level – don’t be surprised if you hit a new personal best on your first run with them.

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Caterpy Laces

Caterpy Laces are the world’s best selling no-tie shoelace.

Featuring unique elastic bumps that pass through the eyelets or your shoes easily, they provide adjustable tension between the eyelets and can enhance a broad range of shoes.

Caterpy Laces are scientifically designed to promote healthier blood flow and reduce impact pressure whilst training be responding to the movement of your feet. Elasticated laces can increase the convenience and comfort of your shoes whilst removing the need to stop and tie your laces.


Pulseroll are leaders in vibration training and recovery.

Pulseroll’s vibrating foam rollers were born out of a demand and real need for a product that could improve athletes recovery from training and also from injury. A product that would maximize new technology, be user-friendly, portable and would complement existing recovery techniques.

Unlike traditional foam rollers, the award winning vibrating foam rollers and peanut balls offers high penetration muscle relief, giving the feeling of a deep tissue massage. Used at different intensity levels, thanks to its 4 speeds, Pulseroll offers a whole new experience even for those who regularly foam roll.