In 2020 I’ll be working with UK based tri-sport apparel brand dhb as part of their ambassador programme. With dhb’s support I’m aiming to go further and faster, as well as have more fun and more adventures. Watch this space for an action packed 2020.


TrueSapien have supported me since 2019 and provided technical running apparel for the Run the Peaks record attempt. Truesapien is more than just fitness apparel, by choosing to wear the brand athletes are expected to effect change, lead by example and to fearlessly, passionately and grittily inspire and encourage others to unleash their own TrueSapien.

Be TrueSapien and Challenge Life!

Pulseroll supported the 2019 Run the Peaks record attempt with their innovative vibration training and recovery. products.

Unlike traditional foam rollers, the award winning vibrating foam rollers and peanut balls offers high penetration muscle relief, giving the feeling of a deep tissue massage. Used at different intensity levels, thanks to its 4 speeds, Pulseroll offers a whole new experience even for those who regularly foam roll.