A new challenge

Are you looking for a new, unique challenge in 2019?

Do you want to be part of a team that creates and achieves something extraordinary?

I’m looking for 4 ordinary runners to join me on a unique challenge in 2019.

Who am I looking for?

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you come from, all that matters is where you want to go and who you want to be. I’m looking to recruit 4 ordinary runners to join me on a new challenge, to help create it, to share our stories and to achieve something extraordinary.

This challenge will be different because of your reason to run, your why. Through my own journey I’ve found that when I am at my lowest, when I am physically and mentally spent, remembering why I am taking these challenges on has the power to keep me going. Without that reason why, I simply couldn’t endure.

As part of the team, you’ll have a good reason to suffer – a cause that is close to your heart and one that will help you achieve things you never thought possible.

Up to 5 charities or good causes will be supported through this challenge, all money raised will be split equally among them.


It doesn’t matter who you are, what size, colour, sex, age or religion you are – this is about finding the right people, with the right motivation and the determination to succeed. I’ve tried to keep the ‘rules’ to a minimum, they are as follows;

  • You must be 18 or over,
  • You should be;
    • an ‘ordinary’ runner,
    • in good physical health,
    • able to run a half marathon at a pace under 9 min/mile.
    • active on social media (how many followers you have or likes your photo’s get doesn’t matter),
    • willing to participate in 2-3 social runs with your team mates ahead of the challenge
  • There will be a £65 contribution (the cost of a marathon place) from each runner to help fund the challenge.

The Challenge?

At this stage I’m only sharing limited details, so as to give some freedom to the team to co-create how this challenge is actually delivered.

The challenge will see the mixed sex team of 5 run approximately 100 miles (each) over 3 days in varying terrains – fell, trail and road, during the day and night.

The challenge will be run point to point, in the UK, and be supported.

You will play an active role in planning and promoting it – this will be our challenge (not a Miles for Wishes challenge).

The challenge will be run in September 2019.

What do you get out of this?

This is a journey, not a destination – this is about creating a shared experience, memories and to be part of something extraordinary.

The aim is to seek corporate sponsorship for the challenge and as such where possible this will help to reduce some of the personal costs – the aim is to provide branded training and event tops and nutritional products. Digital images will be provided and professional photography will be arranged for social meets, for you to share via social media, with charity partners and to be used in local and national press material.


If you’re interested and want to be part of the team, apply using the form below.

Ideally, send a short video (no longer than 5 minutes and simple, mobile phone videos are fine – you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg) sharing your reason why.

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